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Ashes, Ashes - Jo Treggiari Author tries to compensate for a weak plot and weak characters by mixing simple and advanced english.
Author seems to think research is for stoopid people. Example; she thinks tasers flicker at all times. She also thinks tasers shoots blue fire.

Also, the complete idiocy of the characters made this an hard read for me. I mean, come on. You're 5 years into the apocalypse, you're in desperate need of basic medical supplies, and you're escaping from a still functional hospital which coincidentally still has basic medical supplies. And the idea of stealing some doesn't cross your mind, but you have to take a break to ponder the scarred boy's eyes for five minutes? How the hell are you still alive?

Oh, and if you get a cut and this cut isn't closed after two weeks, that limb is going to fall off and then you're going to die a really painfull death. It's not going to just sting and bleed a little.
The author also seem to think that rabbit will only be alerted to danger when other rabbits tap their paws to the ground. You know, like in the cartoons you watch on saturday morning while eating cereal, or on youtube when you're really stoned. They'll completely disregard you and the rest of your hunting team while you talk about boys and girls and who likes who.