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Shades of Earth - Beth Revis Choose your own adventure, without the options to choose. It's that predictable. Every twist, every shocker can be predicted chapters ahead. Hell, the "twist" at the end, the mystery of it all, can be guessed about 10 chapters in (there's a lot of them).

Hell, you probably guessed it in book 2. Yup, Earth sent more ships in the 300 years they were "stranded" in orbit. Yup, Earth made Centauri theirs. Yup, they're the enemy. Yup, it works out in the end. Or atleast for a decade. Yup, Elder gets laid. Yup, that guy is a mole. We get it because you mention the guy's eyes every 10 pages. Yup, the author makes a fuzz about it. Yup, 70% of the book is meaningless romantic crap between two teenagers. Authors, don't do this unless it actually has something to bring to the table. We get it, they're a couple. It happened in the last book.

Oh, and you need to stop this him/her/him/her/... chapter bull. It's annoying and adds nothing. Tell a story.